Español at CP


Show and Tell!!

This week the preppers did All About Me bags and had show and tell. They really wanted to show Ms Amanda, so we learned some of our items in Spanish!

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Spanish Conversation

This week our third and fifth graders learned how to have some conversations in spanish. They learned how to greet each other, how to introduce themselves by asking each other their name, and then ask a couple questions about their favorite things.

First they did this through drawing and filling in the blanks.

Check out the videos below to see the conversation skits they wrote.

Aubree and Julia wanted to add birds into their conversation. They love birds!
Beau and Colin decided to be friends in their conversation
Isabella and Ms Amanda worked together. They talked about their age and their favorite colors.
Xander and Zayn showed us a skit where they decide not to be friends. (But it’s okay, they really are friends).

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Art wall from week #1

During week one, all of our Spanish classes learned some culture and made some really neat projects.

On the art wall below you can see our paper bag Mexican garb including sombreros and serapes. You can also see some Mexican tin folk art and Guatemalan kites!

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Paper Plate Maracas

During our first week of school we did a lot of crafts in Spanish class. One day we made paper plate maracas! We loved making them because they made a lot of NOISE!

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Sombreros and Sarapes!

Yesterday in Spanish class we learned about some clothing used in Mexico for different types of weather. During the day they need sombreros to shield from the sun, and at night they need sarapes to keep warm!

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¿Que frutas te gustan?

Which fruits do you like?

We have been talking about different types of fruit all week… now it’s time to EAT!!!

  • Mango 🥭
  • Piña 🍍
  • Pera 🍐
  • Durazno 🍑
  • Kiwi 🥝
  • Papaya 😋
Pre-Preppers are excited to eat!
Naomi said her favorite was all of them!
Preppers are so excited to get started!

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¿Cuál es tu comida favorita?

What is your favorite food? 🍴

¿Cuál es tu DESAYUNO favorito?
What is your favorite breakfast food?
¿Cuál es tu ALMUERZO favorito?
What is your favorite lunch food?
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“En La Clase“ Bingo!

¡Estamos aprendiendo sobre los objetos en la clase!
We’re learning about classroom objects!

Just waiting for the next object to be called!
Making sure we didn’t miss any!
It’s always a fun time in Spanish!
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Spanish Color Adventures!

¡Nos estamos divirtiendo revisando nuestros colores! We are having a blast reviewing our colors!

Riley’s Color Adventure!
Zachariah’s Color Adventure!
Lincoln’s Color Adventure!
Eli’s Color Adventure!
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¡Celebrando Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss came to visit us in class!!

¡Huevos verdes com jamón!

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