Español at CP

¡que bueno!

Spanish in December

Hola a todos, hello to everyone. I wantes to take a breif moment to update on what we’ve been learning. So this whole past week we have been learning about “LA POSADA” (THE INN) and why we celebrate that journey mary and joseph made. Throughout all grades we have done different activities, feom coloring pages to watching posada videos. The children enjoyed dancing to “our” (dominican republic) traditional posada music and merengue. Next week we will take another journey to Puero Rico and celebrate Christmas festivities with them..Stay warm!!

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Holaaa amigosss!!! How is everyone doing???? Let me tell you all I am stuffed….Thanksgiving was amazing…. I am so thankful for so many things in life and one of those things are my students; they are all amazing and have a special spot in my heart. Last week, throughout all grades, we learned “buenos modales” (manners). In life being polite is very important. I know many parents love eating out at Mexican or Colombian restaurants, maybe even Cuban, and how proud does it make us that our children can communicate the most important words to the waiter “gracias” (thank you), “denada” (you’re welcome), and “porfavor” (please)?! It makes me super proud that our kids can show our spanish world they know good spanish manners. In the midst of that, we also learned the names of our eating utensils. We had a good week, and more fun and activities to be expected for next week. Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving as I did!!

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Its noviembre!!!

Hola familia,

How has everyone’s week been???? Mine has been great…. This week was all bout clothes and emotions…. All of my preschool students learned clothing items such as camisa (shirt), pantalones (pants) and so on…we did activities placing clothes on a frog boy and frog girl and were able to take it home today. With primary school we learned emotions and did several worksheets one including where we had to paste emoji faces to the correct spanish emotion….next week will bring more fun and activities…stay tuned and have a great weekend❤❤❤❤

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Hollaaaa familia…. This whole week we have been learning about the celebration “dia de los muertos”. Our party was TODAY and the kids were so excited and thrilled about it. We had snacks and watched the music videos to the movie “COCO”!!! Our alter came out amazing and I couldn’t have sone none of it without the help of the students ❤❤❤ Here are pictures to show our festivities!!!

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Whats been going onn?????

Holaaa amigos…hello friends I want to start out by saying the weather is amazinggggg it finally feels like otoño(fall) the cool crips air. Cold morning and nights!!!!!! Love it. So in spanish class we have been going over fruits, veggies, and common foods. With preschool we have been learning about”mi cuerpo” (my body) we learned a new song and a new dance by the 2nd day they were dancing it all by them selves. This last whole week of octubre and half of the next we will be covering “dia de los muertos” (day of the dead) making pictures, coloring skulls, and making crafts for our one and only “ALTAR”! Primary school is so thrilled and excited to be part of this project and will be working hard… On my next blog i will post pics of our progress and hard work… Our altar will be open for viewing on nov.2 and our fiesta will also be on that day!!!! Keep an eye out!!!!!! ADIOSSS ❤STAY WARM

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Holaaa a todos. Hello to everyone…… Spanish class is going fabulous! Last week we covered our fruits and veggies with the younger kids, we learned our MONTHS, and made a song with its own dance the kids really enjoyed it and I’m so happy! They came into my class this week singing and dancing the songs!!! This week it’s HISPANIDAD week. We are covering Christopher Columbus (Cristobal colon) and his journey at sea and what he discovered. We are also watching children documentaries which the kids are really enjoying!!!!!

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Mexican Independent Day shenanigans!!!

Hollaaaaaa FELIZ VIERNES A TODOS!!!! HAPPY FRIDAY TO EVERYONE….. I WILL KEEP THE BLOG SHORT AND LET THE PICTURES SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!!!! I will tell you last week was Mexican Independence Day, and the week was full of videos of MEXICAN ranchero music and AMAZZIINGGG SNACKSS. Every single one of the students really enjoyed themselves. We went over how Independence Day started in Mexico, and who started it. We also watched videos of children exploring Mexico on DISCOVERY. On Thursday, we had a Mexican themed party and listened to music and ate chips , goya cookies, salsa, queso, and goya cream juice…. They enjoyed every bit of it and it made me so happy to see them happy❤. This week we covered our shapes and did a lot of worksheets. They really enjoy doing them and my smaller babies did just a couple of “color the shapes” worksheets and read a book and sang “arroz con leche”. I am amazed how some knew this whole song!!!!! The older students went over numbers from 0-100. We are doing good, it’s a process to learn all these numbers so we will still be going over them next week until they feel comfortable with them…. That’s all for now BLOG FRIENDS! Enjoy your weekend.

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Holaaaa a todos como estan???? Hello to everyone how are you??? I am catching up since last week I didnt blog so I will be telling you two weeks of information. Last week the preschool practiced their colors and we made colored elefants that came out BELLOS (beautiful)!!! Im pretty sure they all know their colors now, I feel very confident about it. With the kids kindergarden-4th grade we learned our months, days, and also went over alphabet and colors. Ahora (now) jumping to this week we covered vowels, consonants, and weather, and kindergarden covered months and colors. In preschool this week, we covered our numbers and we made our own counting books!!!! Les encantan (they love them). I say this proudly I have some of the most beautiful, amazing, kind, loving, strong, smart students on this planet!!!!! Below are pictures of activities we have done this past week. Have a safe weekend!!!

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Successful week!

Hola a todos!!!! Hello to everyone. This was the first week of school and it went GREAT. The students in primary school were excellent, and very well mannered and respectful. It’s going to be a great year in SPANISH. This week the youngest students practiced their “HOLA, ADIOS, and COMO ESTAS.” With practice they will be perfecto!!! The primary school went over the alphabet and they did wonderful with it. Towards the end of the week we did a little bit of research about Spain we read an article named “64 amazing SPAIN”, which they enjoyed and were full of questions. Next week we will go over the calendar months and days of the week…..STAY TUNED!

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Me llaman

Saludos a todos! Hello to everyone! How has your week been??? Mine has been great, been getting things ready for the new school year. Let me start by saying I am super proud of the campers, they totally out-did themselves!!! On Tuesday in music they learned about salsa music and the depths of where it came from. After, they came to Spanish and I taught them how to dance SALSA!!! At the beginning they were shy but slowly but surely opened up and did very good. On Wednesday we had a salsa party. I bought plantain chips and mango juice and they LOVED IT!!!! They enjoyed themselves and so did I; it couldn’t have gone any better. With the little ones we learned how to introduce ourselves and how to say “MY NAME IS…” “ME LLAMO.” They are doing good! Next week I will go over the subject with them and we will practice some more. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!! I’ve been at this school one month already and that being said I feel like I’ve known these kids way longer than that. Today I’m having mixed emotions excited, sad, worried, nervous. The reason why is because TODAY is most of my students last day with me, they will be going to other schools. They are so smart and I know they will do great wherever they go!

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