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¡que bueno!

Feliz Dia de las Madres

Happy Mother’s Day

Last week for Mother’s Day we made cards for our Mamás. First through fifth grades designed their own cards and we wrote special messages for our moms in Spanish. 

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Happy Easter! 

Feliz Dia de Pascua!

For Easter we decorated easter eggs and “hid” them in the rainy day poster we made last week. 

The children learned the words:



We also looked for plastic easter eggs in the classroom and reviewed the colors in Spanish. 

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It’s spring time!

Last week we talked about Spring and rain (primavera y lluvia). We made a poster on which the children taped raindrops (gotas de lluvia). We also learned the song “Rain rain go away” in Spanish.  The older children made paper dolls with their rain gear on.

Botas de lluvia-rain boots

Chaqueta- jacket

Gorro- hood 

Sombrilla- umbrella

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Dia de Reyes

Last week was King’s Day and we celebrated by making fancy crowns and trying a special King’s bread. This is a major Holiday in Spain and many other Hispanic countries. The Kings come on the eve of King’s Day and they leave presents for the children. It’s like having two Christmases! 

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Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas! 

In Mexico they celebrate nine days before Christmas a holiday called “Las Posadas.” Every day people go to a different house to have a party and break a star shaped piñata. The students made piñata ornaments and candy bags to celebrate this holiday as well as Christmas! 

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¡Feliz Dia de Gracias!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last week we had a visitor come teach us how to set the table! It was Pavo! (Turkey)

The kids learned new vocabulary words for eating utencils and reviewed food vocabulary.

Some eating utencils to review are:

Fork: tenedor

Spoon: cuchara

Knife: cuchillo

Plate: plato

Napkin: servilleta

Cup: vaso

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Los Dias de la Semana

Days of the week

Last week in Pre-school we learned the days of the week in Spanish class. We learned a fun song about the train of the days of the week and we colored a train labeled with the days in Spanish. We also pretende to be a train and walked around the carpet singing the days of the week.

The song goes:

Lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes, sábado, domingo, choo choo!

*note: In Spanish speaking countries the week starts with Monday and the days are not capitalized. 

Pictured are the Preppers. 

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3-5th Grade



So good to have all the Elementary students back in school! We have been decorating our Spanish notebooks for this year. They wrote about themselves in their notebooks using Spanish!

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Hola, Adiós 

Hello, Goodbye

This week we learned/reviewed greetings in Spanish. Pre-preppers reviewed “hola” and “adiós,” preppers and pre-K also reviewed “¿Como te llamas?” (What is your name?) and “¿Cómo estas?” (How are you?) 

To review we made hand puppets that say both hola and adiós. 

Vocabulary to review:




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La Ropa


Last week we learned some clothing items in Spanish by playing dress-up and through song. We also made a craft of a paper person with paper clothes.

Vocabulary to review at home:

Gorra: cap

Sombrero: hat

Camisa: shirt

Blusa: dressy girl shirt

Pantalones: pants

Pantalones cortos: shorts

Zapatos: shoes

Calcetines: socks

Vestido: dress


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